Wow, how did I get here!!!? Well that is easy...I was thrown.... smashed into it! Ok, I know crazy right! 

So here we are..Well, I realized that after many years of talking about my dream, praying about my dream and dabbling around with my dream...Now the universe realized that I was going to play with my dream as long as I was safe and comfortable. So the universe took it away, the security the since of knowing exactly everything is going to come from...So here I am saved from myself working my dream and walking in Faith.  Not worrying about the how! Just doing what I love.  Changing lives and helping people grow and reach their full potential.  So I invite you to take this journey with me.  Ask your questions...and follow me as I move through this great thing called life! My mission is to help you move into a space that no matter what is going on you will still say "I Love My Life"! #NamasteOneLove!!! 

.....My quick BIO...

Dr. Camelia Straughn is a Transformational Coach & Mentor, motivational speaker, teacher, freelance writer and poet and Army veteran, she is also the author of “Finding Your BLISS in the Midst of Pain: 9 Keys To Trusting Yourself and Living an Extraordinary Life.  Dr. Straughn's passion and desire to be or service is rooted in her being a survior both physically and now mentally from sexual assault, military sexual assault/trauma and domestic violence. She founded RisingSTAR Coaching to disrupt the way women view themselves, heal their hearts and create a life of BLISS. She has been helping women and men transform thier lives since 2009.