Greetings Beautiful Ones, 

I have been reading and studying a array of books, articles and videos on random topics wondering what I wanted to share with you of course my mind is just running and moving with so much information that I feel and believe is great and useful...then....when I finally sat down in front of my computer...nothing....that's right.....nothing...So I decided not to force it and began to read again.  Then I got up this morning and received a text from a friend that contained a link to a video, I started the video and laid my phone down and continued doing what I was doing.  I finally slowed down and realized that the person on the video was talking about forgiveness....then it struck me like I was having a premonition! I finally realized that over the course I have been randomly reading and talking to clients about forgiveness.  What it means, what it looks like and why its important.  So now that you know how I got to this topic...Let's Talk! 

When we look at the word forgiveness we see that it means to excuse for a fault or an offense; pardon; to renounce anger and resentment against and finally to absolve from payment of....So what does that me for you and I?  How do we get to forgiveness and how do we make it a part of our daily lives?  Well, you start by saying and saying it over and over.  Okay, I get it, I am sure you are wondering what that is going to do.  It will get you in the practice of saying...say I forgive the lady in Starbucks, who get rude with you because you are watching her move tables and your table is possibly going to be in the way of what she is doing so you wait...and watch and before you know it she is asking you "is there a problem", you say "no, I am just waiting"..she proceeds to say "well, you look upset" say "no, I waiting until you are done, then I will set up" you can see where this could have gone.  I said in my mind to her, "I forgive you".  She was frustrated because the sun was coming through the window and hitting her in the face. So I get the point of that little exercise.  

Now to the real work.  Remember forgiveness is not about the other person.  Forgiveness is about you and your growth and ability to release let something go.  IF, you continue to be angry with someone about something that they did, said, did not do, should have done, or should not have said.  Then you have just handed this person all power over you.  That means your spiritual growth, mental growth, physical growth and physiological growth.  Think on that.  To top it off, they do not even care that you are still upset! So to move into better health we need to make sure that we forgive.  Now it is important to remember that forgiving does not mean that the person was not wrong in their behavior, it does not mean that your pain is not real do to what they did.  It also does not mean that you have to continue to allow that person to be a part of your life.  What it means is you release yourself from holding on to the anger that you feel because of their behavior or the lack there of.  Now the other part to this is that you are not waiting for them to ask you to forgive them.  Remember the process of forgiveness is about your are no longer bound by the anger.  You will then see that you are able to move forward! Now with this forgiveness, the most important person you are going to want to forgive is yourself! Free yourself from the anger that you hold for yourself. Now remember that this "anger" has many other faces: Guilt, Shame, just to name a get the idea! 


The following is a simple method, which works wonders in your life as you practice it: Quiet your mind, relax, and let go. Think of God and His love for you, and then affirm, “I fully and freely forgive (mention the name of the offender); I release him mentally and spiritually. I completely forgive everything connected with the matter in question. I am free, and he/she is free. It is a marvelous feeling. It is my day of general amnesty. I release anybody and everybody who has ever hurt me, and I wish for each and everyone health, happiness, peace, and all the blessings of life. I do this freely, joyously, and lovingly, and whenever I think of the person or persons who hurt me, I say, ‘I have released you, and all the blessings of life are yours.’ I am free and you are free. It is wonderful!” -The Power of the Subconscious Mind", Dr. Joseph Murphy

Here is a link to the book...enjoy! 

I petition you to try this exercise and watch how your life will change.  Here's to your growth.  Please feel free to comment below and ask questions.