Greetings Beautiful One, 

Things have been amazingly hectic, and I am grateful for all the changes and challenges.  I have found that for most of us, we are constantly trying to figure out why we are always repeating the same mistakes.  I will tell you that a mistake will keep happening until we learn the lesson.  So how do we shorten this process?  Through some reading and research, I have found 7 techniques that you can implement to figure out why you keep making a mistake and how you can learn the lesson faster.  I will have to let you know that there are some lessons that you must learn that will require repeating.  Do not get frustrated with yourself.  Be kind and gentle with yourself and take time to really listen to spirit so that you will be able to hear what is being said.   

1. Make sure you are not merely thinking poorly of yourself. Nobody is perfect, everybody is human and "trying your best" is not the same as "doing everything you're theoretically capable of doing". Hitting the ground face-first is part of life, it's getting back up again that matters. 

2. Find out why you continue to do what you're doing. Are you stressed or under a lot of pressure? Are you bored? Depressed, or in a bad mood? Find out what it is, and see what you can do to fix the main problem for next time. 

3. Write it down. Physically making a note of things and leaving it where you can see it will make a difference. It is like making a contract with yourself, and when you can trust yourself to keep this contract, your self-fulfillment and confidence will rise significantly. The step also falls into the realm of  accountability.  Regardless of the circumstance you are responsible for the decisions that you make. 

4. Take control of yourself. Fasting for two consecutive meals is a good way to develop self-control. With fasting it will be important to incorporate some form or prayer/meditation. Your will is stronger than your want to make that mistake again. Prove it to yourself by not watching TV, not eating food, or not sitting down for an entire day. Pick something relatively hard to do for you, but do not go overboard.

5. Find an alternative. When you feel like you are about to do something stupid have in your mind something else you can do, and go do that. Again this is all about being self-aware. 

6. Think things out. Always think "why am I doing this?", or "what is my purpose?". This step is not figuring out how to embrace the attitude of being a victim.  Remember everything that you experience a residual effect of past decisions.  

7. Ask for help. If you tell someone you can trust, it will be much easier to overcome your mistake. For this step you may want to even invest in yourself by employing a coach. 

  • Anyone who always learns from her/his mistakes the first time is a perfect person. No-one is perfect. It often takes a few tries to not repeat the same mistake or to even realize that something is a mistake.
  • It's how you redeem yourself that counts.
  • Let go of harsh demands of yourself and others. 

Loving you with All the Love in my Heart,



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